Video should be on your screens September time..... hope it all goes well

Little Dee - Star In The Making

Was out 2 Months ago but i never saw it [same about alot of people aswell]


Always Recording On AxeFM.Co.Uk [11.06.08]

Chockablock Vs WOW - 23rd May @ EGG Nightclub (Kings Cross)

For £8 Guestlist email:
Please don't wear joggers, apparently there was an issue last time at EGG.

Come and Support.

Boy Better Know in The Sun

Boy Better Know were mentioned in Friday's Sun in the Bizarre column..

If you love WILEY’s track Wearing My Rolex, check out his group BOY BETTER KNOW.

They have been releasing tunes for the past three years.

Next single Rolex Sweep is already a huge club hit.

They are going to be big.

Wiley No 1 on iTunes Video Chart

Is there no stopping this guy? After getting his fourth record deal. He has also managed get it as one of the biggest UK urban hits. 'Wearing My Rolex' is getting non stop play on Radio 1 & Kiss. Its now already no.1 in the iTunes video chart and the single isn't even out yet.

'Wearing My Rolex' has is released online on April 21st and on CD May 5th.

Grime Forums

I'm not even going to say the site name to promote it even more. But it WILL be getting re-directed [even if i need to go to there house and see them my self.]
Just because you don't see me posting what i'm doing about doesn't mean i'm not doing nothing.


It will be re-directed so please stop your silly little rumors about me.
- im doing nothing to try & get it closed.
- im still admin on it.
- iv'e made another site / admin of another site.

& if you do post this at least have 100% solid proof im doing it don't just be leaving it because someone says i am.
people will always be downloading/uploading even when PG is down so for now please concentrate on someone else.