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Wiley Interview [Video]


Random Impulse Interview

When's your mixtape actually coming out?
ETA is the first two weeks of april.

Will it be out in HMV?
It will be out nationwide in hmv and out worldwide via itunes ect approximately 4 weeks after the initial release.

What Producers and Calobs will you have on this mixtapes?
Erm, theres a few well recognized producers such as Maniac and Dexplicit, right down to up and coming super-producers like Product and Y.Wizz. Almost every song is produced by somebody different in order to get the kind of versatile disc I wanted. As for the features...ahh your gonna have to wait and see!...there might even be a bonus feature lurking around somewhere.

Are you going to be jumping on this t-shirt thing and make one?
Put it this way, if i do, you wont know it was my t-shirt.

How much of the new mixtape will be grime?
See the joke is i honestly have no idea. Im a Grime MC through and through, and in my eyes, like 75-80% of it is grime or heavily grime influenced. But in an age where people say JME isnt making grime i have no idea. There are alot of influence from other genres within alot of the tracks and I think thats when it gets confusing I guess but hey, at least theres no high speed vocal sample hip hop!

Where did you get the name Random Impulse from?
Back when i started in 2003, two olders (suge and dimples) named me that as im so 'impulsive'.

Whats your view on bootlegging? sucks

Who do you rate most in the scene now & Why?
Wow, too many names man. Obviously my co-d Rinse, and theres Goodz, Dimples, Ghetto, JME and Skepta, too many.

What do you feel is holding "Grime" back?
The fact that people are so quick to shun grime artists releases, claiming its not grime, but when their asked "what is grime?" you get hundreds of different answers. We can just tell whos a grime artist and who isn't. Sway, Professor Green and K-lash all have spat on grime songs, but we all know there hip-hop artists. The same goes for say Ghetto on hip hop, we KNOW hes a grime artist no matter what. I believe the reason is, grime has become a culture and we should stand by our artists flying the grime flag, even if they don't just do that genre every single time they do a song.

Are G Fam working on a joint effort?
Wow erm.. yes?

Which track from FMA do you feel the most and why?
'I Need You', because... just make sure you listen to the whole thing, I love the concept. Either that or the heroine or the final goodbye. Ahh I dont know! Im really proud of this cd man! haha.

Shout Outs [myspace, website etc...]
They know who they are! Oh in fact you know what, big up scribbler because he flipped on my cover, its absolutely amazing. The myspace url is:

Black The Ripper - Black Magic Cover

I don't like the cover much but one things for sure this CD is going to be big


Little Dee Interview

Where would u rank yourself in the scene?
Top 10, (for now)

How did the roll deep connection come about?

Well roll deep are working on a new album, they wanted some fresh talent on there.

Wiley & Danny Weed sat down and decided it would be right 4 me and roll deep if i join
them and help make the album. which should be out soooooon!!

Any more solo [or Group] albums/mixtapes coming soon? Yea at the moment im working on a new mix cd and my album.
Got a video which should be out in the next two weeks.

What happened with Fatal Assassins?
Well the only members of Fatal Assassins that are still putting the work in is me a p money, & where working on our mix cd. but big up supa.

Is Eskibeat completely over or is Wiley trying to get u back together? (because of the myspace name where had had all the originals in it)

Eski beat aint over. Wiley and management are sorting out business with a label to do the album.
which dont have a release date or name.. but watch out for dat..

Whats your View on Bootlegging.

ermm. them people are killing the music.. thats the reason alot of artist wanna give up.
when the
artist give up them people are gonna have to listen to hip hop and everything else.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
At the top. whether its music or anything else. i have high ambitions.

What is your best song on the new OG's Mixtape & Why?
y favorite song is make money with Doctor, Jender, N.E, and me. because i love money. and that is a real song

Big up the Roll Deep crew, OG'S and every 1 supporting me... check out the video's and tunes on www. myspace. com/littledeefa

Untitled Interview

Why did you 1st start MC'in?

Basically i liked poetry, so i went to a friends house. so i tried a little poetry thing & it wasn't rely going on, but then 1 day it clicked, i saw a few friends doing it so thats really why.

If you could do a tune with anyone who would you pick?
erm.... i would have to say right now... erm .. Wiley because i look up to him.

Whats your view on bootlegging?
Although people lose money i think its healthy because it allows people to listen to it that would normally, because not everyones got money & its the economics of today, is not as healthy as it was.... grimes not big yet.

Whats your thoughts on Logan Sama & other well known DJ's? - Have they helped you out ?
No rely, to be honest there trying to shake me off, all the the love i get from forums. keeps me going, & i know i'm better than half the Mcs out there so i'm gonna keep going.

Have you got any up & coming projects?
Digital Outbreak i'm doing for Hyperfrank, Nothing Like You which is coming around march time, with DK Designs on the cover. [CLICK HERE FOR INTERVIEW]

What do they see yourself doing in 10 years?
Honestly i'm not sure grime wise - this years gonna be a big year for me, if i don't get noticed in the grime scene then i'm gonna stop theres no point trying to carry on if its not going to happen.


Download This Is Me Vol. 1 Here.
Download This Is Me Vol. 2 Here.
Click Here For Untitleds MySpace.

Grime In The Metro

Talk about this on grimeforum = here


DK Designs Interview

When [& HOW] did you 1st get into Graphix ?
I got into doing Graphics in August of 2006. I wanted to do some Modifications for a PC game and then I just got the hang of it.

How long was it before people starting noticeing you tallent ?
I set up a MySpace account and just uploaded images that I had done from my PC onto there and people started to send requests for things to be designed. I was suprised at how quick it took for me to be noticed because it wasnt anything serious, I was just doing it for a hobby.

Are you currently or in the future going to be working with any artists ?
At the moment I'm working with a lot of up-and-coming artists that people may not of heard of. Artists such as Deceiva & Slingkey who are from a group called 'New Recruitz', A young MC from North London called Switchey & a MC called Untitled who I seem to be working with most at the moment on his Promos & Mixtapes.
In the past I have worked with artists such as Maniac, Rowntree, JJ, Blay-Z, DJ Maximum, Grime Reaper, S.K.I.T.Z. Beatz, Jelluzz & Rage.

In 10 Years do you see yourself still doing grafix ?
I hope so. If I can keep up what I love doing then yeah, definetly. If not then I don't have a clue what I'd be doing. Maybe just a 24/7 Grime fan.

Is your work free ?
Unfortunately for some my work is not free. I try to be as reasonable as possible with prices and my designs usually end up being quite cheap when it comes to money. But you always get a result that I'm happy with and of the highest quality.

I'd just like the send a shout to all the people who had helped me along the way. People such as Ediz who was the first person to ever to request something from me, Deceiva, Dotz, Shy One, Switchey, Chirs Charalambous, Timz, Darks, Scribbler Media Solutions & Untitled.

If you want to see some of my designs then there is a slide show on my MySpace profile. and just send me a message if your interested in getting some designs done and we can discuss it.
Also hopefully in the next 2-3 months I will be releasing some t-shirts entitled 'The Grime Scene Stencil T-Shirts' so look out for them, there going to be alot.

Rating Of OG - OG Season Vol.1

O.G'z is 1 of the newest and finest collective coming straight out of the UK with
there debut mixtape. DEFINITELY not a CD 2 b missed, containing a lot of present day
culture and issues relating 2 the streets. Features, JENDOR [EX-ESSENTIALS], N.E [EX
rest of the collective. All of who are top flight musicians with aspiring products in
the near future.

Track 1: Dot Rotten, Jendor, P-Money, Blacks, Stormar, Pro - It's O.G'z - 6/10
Track 2: N.E, Dot Rotten, Jendor, P-Money - More Money More Obstacles - 7/10
Track 3: Jendor, N.E, Dot Rotten - We're O.G'z Pt.2 - 8/10
Track 4: Dot Rotten, Jendor, N.E - We're Makin Pee's - 8/10
Track 5:
N.E, Dot Rotten, Stormar, Blacks, Pro, Little Dee, Bobbi Dawes - We Don't Beg No Friend - 5/10
Track 6: Jendor - Drop It Like It's Hot - 4/10
Track 7:
Jendor, Dot Rotten, Desperado - Collectors Item - 7/10
Track 8:
Blacks, P-Money, Pro, Stormar - Duppying Grime - 9/10
Track 9: OG - O.G'z Singer Skit - [12 Sec Skit]
Track 10: Dot Rotten, Jendor, Blacks, Little Dee, N.E - It's Gonna Be Alrite - 9/10
Track 11:
Dot Rotten, Jendor, N.E, P-Money - Get Down Get Down - 9/10
Track 12: Jendor, Dot Rotten, N.E, Pro - Words Of Jen - 8/10
Track 13: Dot Rotten, Kaz, Little Dee, Jendor - Isralites - 7/10
Track 14:
Jendor, Dot Rotten, N.E - 'mi Fi Tell You' - 9/10
Track 15: Doctor, N.E, Jendor, Little Dee - Money - 9/10
Track 16: Jendor, Blacks, Dot Rotten - Touch And Go - 8/10
Track 17: Jendor, Dot Rotten, Little Dee, P-Money, Blacks - We Don't Play No More Games - 8/10
Track 18: Jendor, Little Dee, Pro - Crak In The Flesh - 7/10
Track 19: Pro, Desperado, Blacks, Little Dee - We Are Kings - 9/10
Track 20:
Dot Rotten, Jendor, Blacks - In Da Ghetto - 6/10
Track 21:
Dot Rotten, Jendor, Desperado - Hard Barring Freestyle - 9/10
Track 22:
Jendor, N.E - Up And Up - 9/10

After listening to the CD - i give it a 9/10.
At 1st the CD was a bit dead, [not good beats or lyrics] but going to the end of the cd i found that the CD got all hype. ONE FOR THE GRIME CD COLLECTION.

Rating Of Ears - Million Ears

Officially released on the 24th March, the brand new album from Ears is exclusive to
Uptown for a month. Formerly a part of 'Jah Mek The World' and 'Neckle Camp', Ears
has gone to strength to strength in the game having just returned from touring
internationally with Radio Clit and starring at the Good Vibration Festival.
Widely recognised as one of the best MC's in the UK scene, many have said that Ears
is destined for big things and 'Million Ears" is no disappointment. The album
features 21 bad-boy tracks, including the forthcoming single 'First OK (Game Boy
Beat)' with David E Sugar. Be sure get to yours - only available at Uptown.

Track 1: Intro (Million Ears) - 0/10 [Just Noises]
2: Take Note (ft. J-Star) - 5/10
Track 3: Fine (Remix) ... (ft. L.G) - 7/10
Track 4: Where U At (Ft. Chipmunk) - 7/10
Track 5: Freestyle - 6/10
Track 6:
Holding Me Down (Ft. Dimpsey) - 5/10
Track 7:
On Scale - 4/10
Track 8:
Grind (Ft. Max Peezy) - 5/10
Track 9
: Over Wid You - 7/10
Track 10: Back Once Again (Ft. J-Star) - 4/10
Track 11:
Topic Of Discussion - 5/10
Track 12:
Paper Chase - 7/10
Track 13: Under Manners (Bad 4 You) - 6/10
Track 14:
Say My Name (Remix) (Ft. J-Star) - 7/10
Track 15:
Get Up - 5/10
Track 16: On Point (Ft. Auntie Jen) - 6/10
Track 17: David E Sugar vs Ears - First Ok (Bonus Track) - 8/10 [always liked this track]
Track 18: Rado Clit - Silver Hall (ft. Ears) (Bonus Track) - 5/10
Track 19: Kirstyene - Round n Round (ft. Ears) (Bonus Track) - 6/10
Track 20: JP - Hype 2 Nite (Ft. Ears, Flamin) (Bonus Track) -4/10
Track 21: Flamin - Ravers Riddem Instrumental (Bonus Track) - 8/10

After listening to the CD - i give it a 6/10. [& im being nice]
Mostly old bars over new beats. I thought at 1st the tune [and song] was good but getting nearer to every song i thought they were boring. =(

Rating Of Gheto - Freedom Of Speech


Ghetto is back!! His first mix Cd entitled 2000 & Life was one the grime scenes
biggest selling mixtapes of 2006, and it his second pre album ‘Ghetto Gospel’ did
even better. On the day of release it sold over 800 copies, which makes it the
fastest selling pre album in one day in the grime scene ever and continued to hold
down the no.1 spot in the grime scene for six months. Now he’s back with a vengeance
with the controversial and creative 'Freedom of Speech'. This CD is solely produced
by Lewi White and Smasher and is dubbed as the perfect balance between the last two
Ghetto releases. The CD has the raw energy of 2000 and Life and the mature lyricism
of the Ghetto Gospel… this is undoubtedly his most powerful body of work so far in
his career. With guest appearances from Chipmunk, Griminal, Devlin, Wretch 32,
Smasher, Lightnin, and Yazmin.

Track 1: Commandments- 6/10
Track 2: The Ghetto- 6/10
Track 3: Darkside Freestyle - 9/10
Track 4: Threats (ft. Griminal, Brutal) - 9/10
Track 5: Buss 1 (ft. Devlin) - 8/10
Track 6: Ghost Town (ft. Smasher) - 9/10
Track 7: Fake Mcs - 9/10
Track 8: Whos Got - 10/10
Track 9: Mountain - 10/10
Track 10: What It Takes - 10/10
Track 11: Im Ghetts (remix) ... (ft. Chipmunk) - 7/10
Track 12: Real Talk - 9/10
Track 13: Convo With A Cabbie - 6/10
Track 14: How It Is (ft. Wretch 32', Yazmin) ) - 6/10
Track 15: Brothers In Arms (Produced by Lewi White) - 6/10
Track 16: Unsigned Hype (ft. Llightnin) (Bonus Track) - 8/10

After listening to the CD - i give it a 9/10.
A Few old bars at 1st [& During the album] but over all its a good album, each track just gets better and better as it goes.